Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to get spotify premium for free

Every music lover knows spotify and uses it every day for music.Spotify was developed by a team at Spotify AB in 2006. After two years, spotify was launched for public access. It aims at providing digital music-steaming service to the public. There are over million soundtracks in spotify at the present. By the end of December 2012, there are total 20 million users who enjoy this service each day. No matter what type of songs you want to listen to, just hit your finger slightly on your mobile device, the right music will jump to your ears. That is spotify - you can easily enjoy music every moment and every place.
I have already been aware that spotify is the number one music service provider. But how to get in spotify? Is it free? Well, I can tell you that there are there types of memberships in spotify. The first one is the free account. With free account, you can listen music on your desktop and laptop for free. But there are ads on. The second one is called unlimited account. You can play unlimited, uninterrupted music with this account. Furthermore, there are no ads and no commitment. The unlimited account will cost you $4.99 per month. The last and the best one is called premium account. If you are a premium member of spotify, you can listen all the songs on all your devices including desktop, mobile devices. Of course, no ads and no commitment. More exciting thing is that you can download the music to your local device and play them offline. This is the awesome and attractive feature for me. With this feature, we can really call it - play music everywhere. The premium account costs you $9.99 a month and there is a 30-days trial period. This will help you decide whether this service deserves the price or not.
Is there any ways to get a free spotify premium code? I want to buy one but no enough money at the moment, but I really want to be a premium member right now. Well, there are 2 ways to figure out this issue. One is that purchase the premium code from other agent who can provide low-cost premium code. ($5.99 for one-month premium account) You may ask how to find out these agents and why they sell at such cheap price. Is there any profit they can make by selling this?  My reply for the 1st question is that you can search the internet to find them. I think they can get codes from much cheaper price or even free from the hackers. So they are able to sell one-month premium for $5.99.
The other way to get free spotify premium code is using hack tool called spotify premium code generator. Some of you may have heard of this tool and used it. This tool was developed by some genius software developers in Russia at first. As the spotify develop team updates their servers, the hackers all over the world are trying their best to upgrade their spotify premium code generators to make it work as normal. Once the develop team fixes the bug, the hacker team will try another path to strike back. There is no end in this battle and no winner too. So you may find out that some spotify premium code generator work well at that moment but not work at all at this moment. This is not weird. Just remember this. Will I be banned from spotify by using premium code generator? I have no answer to this question too. That depends on which logic the generator use to run with. I just give you advice that you should be careful when using these generators.

With spotify, we can enjoy our music everywhere and every moment. As music is our life, spotify is also our life.